Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Wednesday, 1 Jun 1994

Vol. 443 No. 5

Business of Dáil.

I wish to announce the following which has been agreed by the Whips: notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders, the Order of the Dáil of this day providing that Committee Stage of the Irish Horseracing Industry Bill, 1994, be brought to a conclusion at 6.45 p.m. is hereby rescinded.

On a point of order, may I inquire why Committee Stage of the Bill is being dealt with by a Committee of the whole House rather than by the Select Committee, which would normally deal with this matter? Is it that the Minister wishes to announce the board this week before the European elections?

I have heard the Deputy pose that question before.

I did not get an answer to it and I think it would be in order to get an answer now.

It is Derby day.

My understanding is that this matter is being taken by agreement with the Whips.

May I ask——

We cannot debate the matter now. It is before the House by an Order of the House and it is no function of mine. There is little time to debate this measure, let us proceed to deal with it.

The Minister must not expect that Members of the House are so naïve as to take at face value what he says. The matter was agreed by the Whips because it was proposed to the Whips by the Government.

Deputy Dukes will have ample opportunity to express his view on this measure as we proceed to it.

There is no section in the Bill dealing with this matter.

It is not in order now.

The Minister refuses to answer my question.