Order of Business

Tá sé i gceist Uimh. 28, an Bille um Fheidhmeannacht na Seirbhíse Sláinte (Rialachas), 2012 [Seanad] - An Dara Céim (atógáil); Uimh. 1, an Bille Fórsaí Cosanta (Ilphardún agus Díolúine maidir leis an Dara Cogadh Domhanda), 2012 [Seanad] - An Dara Céim; agus Uimh. 2, an Bille um Cheartas Coiriúil (Ciontuithe Spíonta), 2012 [Seanad] - An Dara Céim, a ghlacadh inniu. Tógfar Uimh. 97, tairiscint maidir le árachais sláinte (atógáil) mar Ghnó Comhaltaí Príobháideacha, le tabhairt chun críche ag a 9 a' chlog anocht muna ghlactar leis roimhe sin.

There are no proposals to put to the House.

The programme for Government included a commitment "to tackle the huge overuse of guillotines to ram through non-emergency legislation". For the past year and, again last evening, the Taoiseach decided to use the guillotine to ram through non-emergency legislation. The latest instalment was the Finance (Local Property Tax) (Amendment) Bill. The upshot of that was no discussion took place on amendments and the Minister for Finance made it clear he would not accept amendments that had not been debated. Not one amendment, therefore, was debated last evening. That follows a long line of other measures. A property tax Bill was rammed through before Christmas in a matter of hours and a social welfare Bill was rammed through also before Christmas in approximately two hours. We could not even discuss the cut to the respite care grant and so on.

The status of this Parliament is at a low ebb. The Government is treating it with contempt.

There was a two-hour filibuster last night on the Title of the Bill.

Members wanted to discuss amendments last night, for example, relating to exemptions for those in mortgage arrears or negative equity, social welfare recipients, people on low incomes and those who paid stamp duty between 2000 and 2012 from the impact of the property tax. Yesterday, there was a big row about this. It is a serious issue for the entire Dáil. Members do not want to disrupt the House in the manner that happened yesterday. However, on the other side, it is not difficult to understand why people are moved to object in the strongest terms to how the Dáil is organised and structured in terms of a political input to the extent that anything that seems to be unpopular or whatever is gotten out of the way as quickly as possible without any capacity to debate anything or to hear arguments and counterarguments.

We copied Fianna Fáil.

That has been going on for the past year and a half. The Taoiseach promised a democratic revolution.

We got rid of 60 Fianna Fáil Members.

The programme for Government has a commitment to tackle the huge overuse of guillotines to ram through non-emergency legislation. A total of 67 amendments were tabled to last night's Bill and not one of them was discussed.

The Opposition filibustered on the Bill's Title.

The Government filibustered on the social welfare Bill.

In terms of how the House was ordered, the reason for this, according to the Taoiseach yesterday, was that the Revenue Commissioners will issue letters relating to the property tax next Monday. That suggests that the Parliament is some way down on the lower rung of the ladder in terms of priority in that the administration of something is more important than the policy context and before the Bill has even been put through, the letters have been lined up to be sent out and elected Members do not count. In other words, there is no point in having it debated in the House because the letters are ready to go out.

It is a bit late to be appealing for democracy. When the Deputy was in government, the guillotine was used every day.

It let us leaflet drop.

The Opposition spent two hours on the Title of the Bill.

That is not good enough and I say this as a Member of the Dáil as well as a leader of a political party in the Dáil.

When will the Taoiseach implement that aspect of the programme of Government to which he signed up?

Sometimes I wonder about-----

-----Deputy Martin coming in and making these Second Stage speeches.

The Taoiseach should answer the question.

Does he not remember just over two years ago when he was on this side of the House?

The Taoiseach is a mirror image.

Deputy Martin comes in here with his rant every week about the property tax.

I never used the guillotine as a Minister.

The Deputy should respect the Parliament now and listen to the answer.

In Fianna Fáil's national recovery plan in November 2010 before the troika arrived there, Fianna Fáil planned to introduce a property tax in 2012 and to raise €530 million from it in 2013. That is a fact.

Shame on Deputy Martin.

The Deputy wants to forget this fact conveniently.

It would have been debated.

Later in 2010 during its negotiations with the IMF, about which it did not tell anybody, Fianna Fáil agreed that the introduction of the property tax before the end of 2011 and to increase it again in 2012. The Deputy comes in here and mouths off about all the amendments he wanted to put down to the property tax.

Is that not fair?

I recognise that last Friday, two extra hours were offered for debate on this.

That was Second Stage.

An hour was wasted yesterday with the semantics and game playing that went on. The fact of the matter is that when he had his opportunity, he was not to be trusted on these matters.

I will answer his question on the guillotine. I do not like to do this but the Deputy and the House will have to consider this. We are going to have to look at the way we can do business more effectively in here. Later in the autumn-----

The Government does not talk to anybody. It just rams everything through.

Will the Deputy listen?

Hold on a second. The Deputy does not want to listen. That was his problem when he was in government. He did not listen.

I am listening too much to nothing two years on.

We are going to have to make a decision. The people will make their decision later in the year about the abolition of the Seanad but I consider that we need to look at the way legislation is drafted here, the priorities accorded to the legislation in the country's interest and what it is that really is a priority.

But we do not even get a chance to discuss legislation.

It may well be that the House might have to sit five days a week.

That is all blather out of the Taoiseach. He is never here five days a week, obviously.

It is not all blather because if the Deputy believes that he wants all the time to debate all the legislation-----

Not all the time, just a reasonable amount.

It is not possible to do it within the hours we currently operate.

The Government had three days two weeks ago on a motion of self-congratulation but only two hours last night on an issue that affects everybody in this country.

We are going to have to operate differently. The Deputy rises every morning and he wants further time to debate further issues. He will have to make his mind up and if he continues not to listen, as he has always done, that is his prerogative.

The Government is organising the House to suit itself and the Taoiseach should not give any pretence about that because he does not believe in reform.

It has been his trademark to talk everybody down if he can. If the Deputy does not want to listen, that is his prerogative.

That is the Taoiseach's prerogative. That is what the Taoiseach is at, misleading people on a continuous basis.

I am quite prepared to discuss with him and the House how he and everyone else can consider how we can get the best effect out of the time we have.

The Taoiseach is not prepared to discuss it.

Deputies want to take a stand and have their say on various issues, none more frequently than Deputy Martin.

He is not being in the least sincere.

The Deputy was the arch-architect of a property tax that was to bring in €530 million. He now denies this.


I call Deputy Gerry Adams.

Fianna Fáil left a mess for us to clean up. I cannot believe its Deputies can come into the Chamber, day after day, and make these accusations, having destroyed the country.

I am elected. That is the reason I am here.

Deputy Martin should be ashamed of himself.

Does the Deputy want democracy?

Every day, we have the same three stooges, Deputies Martin, Ó Cuiv and O'Dea, on the Opposition Front Bench.


Deputies, please calm down. I called Deputy Adams and I ask other Members to show respect to the speaker.

I am not a communist by the way.

Someone should give Deputy Griffin his Weetabix.

Bhí mé ag éisteacht leis an Taoiseach agus ba mhaith liom a smaointe a chloisteáil faoi conas is féidir linn leanacht ar aghaidh le díospóireacht ar Bhillí anseo, mar tá Sinn Féin an-mhíshásta leis an tslí ina bhfuil an Rialtas ag cur stop le díospóireachtaí anseo agus ag baint úsáide as an ghilitín. Tá a lán leasuithe le cur ag Sinn Féin, ach ní féidir linn caint fúthu ná ní féidir linn iad a chur. Sin mo bharúil faoin méid adúirt an Taoiseach bomaite ó shin.

Ba mhaith liom ceist a chur faoi reachtaíocht atá forógraithe, ceist an-tábhachtach don Aire Sláinte maidir leis an Bille Sláinte (Earraí Liachta a Phraghsáil agus a Sholáthar). Tá tuairisc sna meáin go bhfuil seirbhísí sláinte sa Stát seo ag íoc suas le 24 uair níos mó le haghaidh drugaí generic ná mar atá an NHS ag íoc i Sasana. Sin bearna an-mhór, suas le 24 uair níos mó. Tá othair Éireannacha agus íocóirí cánacha á scriosadh le seo. Cén uair an mbeidh an reachtaíocht seo os comhair na Dála arís agus cén uair a cuirfear í i bhfeidhm?

Tá sin le teacht, ach táthar ag feitheamh faoi láthair ar Chéim an Choiste. Tabharfaidh an Bille cead don Aire praghasanna a réiteach i dtaobh druganna. Ní hamháin sin, ach tá Billí eile ar an ábhar seo le teacht isteach freisin.

Ní theastaíonn uaimse go mbeadh cosc ar bith ar díospóireachtaí anseo agus tabharfaidh mé isteach moltaí faoi sin don chéad seisiún eile i dtreo agus go mbeimid níos éifeachtaí maidir le cúrsaí gnó anseo. Beidh mé sásta déileáil leis an Teachta Adams ansin agus le Teachtaí eile.

Tá dhá cheist agam. Maidir leis an céad cheann, I refer to the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Amendment) Act 2011. Nobody is sorry to see Anglo Irish Bank imithe and not many were present for its sochraid or funeral. However, two issues arise, the first of which is a human issue. Some of the workers at Anglo Irish Bank visited the House twice in the past two weeks and related traumatic stories about how they are being abused. There are 140 staff and the receiver-----

Is legislation promised on this issue?

Yes, only cúpla seachtaine ó shin we passed legislation on this issue in the middle of the night. There is a human story in this. We spoke about fairness this morning agus gach rud mar sin. The staff of Anglo Irish Bank must be treated fairly. They have given sterling service and, as such, they are entitled to be respected. They are now helping the receiver to recoup what he can for taxpayers. Surely they are entitled to some dignity, respect and appreciation for what they did? We also have na daoine eile, the significant number of people who have instigated proceedings against Anglo Irish Bank, as they are entitled to do. I am not referring to Sean Quinn but other cases before the courts. What kind of democracy allows us, with a stroke of a pen, to banish legal cases that are costing a great deal of money from the courts? We cannot do this at the stroke of a pen. I put this ceist to the Taoiseach and an tAire Airgeadais, Deputy Michael Noonan, ar an oiche sin when I approached the former and asked him about individuals whose court cases were being dismissed, put on hold or forgotten. They are also citizens who should be protected by the Constitution, as should the workers in Anglo Irish Bank.

Tá a fhios ag an Teach go bhfuil IBRC imithe agus gur cuireadh isteach bainisteoir speisialta. Tá conradh sealadach tugtha ag an bhainisteoir speisialta do na daoine a bhí ag obair le IBRC agus tá súil agam, agus de réir an bhainisteora speisialta, tar éis am cuí beidh an cuid is mó dóibh siúd a bhí ag obair le Anglo Irish Bank agus IBRC in ann obair nua a fháíl sa chóras nua. Maidir leis na daoine a bheidh ag obair i NAMA, is daoine speisialta iad agus tá siad ag obair ar chúrsaí speisialta airgeadais. Mar adúirt an Teachta, maidir leis an méid nach bhfaigheann obair leis an gcóras nua nó seans obair a fháil ar chúrsaí NAMA, tá súil agam go gcuirfear córas sásúil ar bun dóibh.

The workers have been told they cannot work for Allied Irish Banks. They are being denied the right to work elsewhere.

Tuigeann an Teachta gur tharla an t-athrú seo iontach tobann agus bhí brú ar an Rialtas an bainisteoir speisialta a chur isteach láithreach. Tá súil agam go mbeidh sé in ann déileáil le imní na ndaoine a bhí ag obair i IBRC agus atá ag obair i NAMA faoi láthair.

When is it expected that the companies Bill will be published? The purpose of this important legislation is to strengthen and streamline the functions of certain company law enforcement agencies and make other necessary amendments to the Companies Acts. In light of the meltdown of the Celtic tiger economy, it is necessary to introduce new company laws.

There are two Bills here. The first has been published with 1,400 sections, while the second will not take effect until the first has been dealt with. We have some distance to go in this regard as these matters are highly complex and technical.

Tá dhá cheist agam don Taoiseach. Maidir leis an Bille a bhaineann le foraoiseacha, cén uair a fhoilseofar é agus cén uair a thiocfaidh sé os comhair an Tí? An mbeidh moltaí ann maidir le díol na gcrann atá ag Coillte Teoranta? Mar is eol don Taoiseach, tá amhras mór ar an bpobal maidir leis an mholadh atá ag an Rialtas na crainn atá ag Coillte a dhíol agus an dochar a dhéanfadh sé sin.

Baineann an dara cheist leis an mBille i dtaobh tomhaltóirí agus iomaíocht, Bille Uimh. 13 atá le foilsiú an seisiún seo. Tá fíor-thábhacht ag baint leis an mBille seo ach níl ach cúig seachtain fágtha sa seisiún seo. An bhfoilseofar an Bille sin i rith an tseisiúin seo?

An bhfuil an Teachta ag caint faoi an Consumer and Competition Bill?

Sea, Bille Uimh. 13.

Tá an Bille sin casta. Bhí sé ar intinn go bhfoilseofaí é an seisiún seo, ach ag an bpointe seo ní dóigh liom go n-eireoidh linn é sin a dhéanamh de bharr na deacrachtaí atá tar éis teacht os ár gcomhair. Maidir leis an mBille a bhaineann le cúrsaí foraoiseachta, foilseofar é an seisiún seo.

An ndéanfaidh sé plé le díol na gcoillte?

Cad a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad?

Tá deireadh na gcoillte ar lár;

Níl trácht ar Chill Chais ná a teaghlach

Is is ní chluinfear a cling go brách.

Déanfaidh sé, cinnte.

Baineann sin leis an content.

Beidh cead ag an Teachta siúl amach arís chomh fada le Tuar Mhic Éadaigh agus glacadh le cé chomh hálainn agus atá sé.

Tá sé ráite le seachtain anuas i gcuid mhaith de na meáin chumarsáide go bhfuil an Rialtas chun reachtaíocht a thabhairt chun cinn chun cumhacht níos leithne a thabhairt do na bainc agus institiúidí morgáistí tithe a thógáil ó theaghlaigh atá i dtrioblóid le aisíoc morgaístí. Mar is eol don Taoiseach, chuir an tArd Chúirt cosc ar na bainc daoine a dhíbirt as a dtithe má tógadh na cásanna cúirte i ndiaidh 1 Nollaig 2009.

An bhfuil an reachtaíocht seo le tabhairt chun cinn? An bhfuil sé seo i gceist mar réiteach ar an gcruachás ina bhfuil gnáthdhaoine de bharr polasaithe tubaisteacha déine an Rialtais? An bhfuil an Rialtas chun reachtaíocht den tsaghas seo a thabhairt chun cinn, seachas na fiacha agus na aisíocaíochtaí a laghdú, chun cumhacht a thabhairt do na bainc daoine a chaitheamh amach as a dtithe? An bhfuil sé fíor go bhfuil an reachtaíocht seo ag teacht?

Caithfear déileáil leis an gceist seo ag éirí as an mbreithiúnas Ard Chúirte le blianta anuas. Tá sé i gceist againn reachtaíocht a thabhairt isteach chun an córas dlíthiúil atá anseo - an Dunne judgment - a réiteach. Foilseofar an Bille sin sa seisiún seo. Ní rud nua é seo. Nuair a bhí mé mar chomhairleoir ar údarás áitiúil na blianta fada ó shin, i mbeagán cásanna nuair nach raibh aon iarracht á dhéanamh an t-airgead a íoc thar n-ais, tógadh an teach ón duine agus bhí teach eile le tabhairt dóibh. Ní miste liom go mbainfí teach as duine ar bith. Caithfear an dlí a réiteach de réir an bhreithiúnais Ard Chúirte. Tá sé ráite ag na bainc nár mhiste leo teach ar bith a thógáil as duine ar bith. Tá sé i gceist againn go mbeidh an próiseas soiléir agus féaráilte. Ní cheart go mbeadh banc ar bith in ann teacht anuas an bóthar agus a rá "táimid chun an teach seo a thógáil uait" gan próiseas soiléir agus féaráilte a leanúint. Caithfidh an Rialtas glacadh leis an mbreithiúnas Ard Chúirte ina leith seo. Foilseofar an Bille sin go luath.

I am informed that today is the second anniversary of the Government's formation. Happy anniversary. The document that accompanied the Government's formation, namely, the programme for Government, contains an unambiguous and easily understandable commitment on page 22. It states: "We will complete and publish a strategy to tackle fuel-poverty." Since that commitment was made in writing to the Irish public two years ago, the period for which fuel allowance is payable has been drastically reduced and allowances to help people who are vulnerable, elderly or in receipt of social welfare payments to pay for their gas, ESB, etc. have also been slashed. Is that the fuel strategy or will a new strategy be produced in the indeterminate future?

The answer to that question is: "No, it is not."

Does that answer the Deputy's question?

When will the new strategy be published?

It was the right answer.

The programme for Government is for the period of the Government, that is, a period of five years.

It will be the end of the term, so.

We just ended the second year after the election of the Government. We have three years to run. We expect to have---

There are some things in the programme for Government that we have been unable to do, for example, the review of upward-only rent allowances - we have said that that is because of constitutional difficulties - and a number of others. The answer to Deputy O'Dea's question is: "No, it is not."

Cathain a mbeidh an reachtaíocht i dtaobh an tSeanaid os ár gcomhair? Cathain a mbeidh an reifreann ar bun? An mbeidh reifreann amháin i gceist, nó níos mó ná sin?

Foilseofar an Bille sin sa chéad seisiún eile, tar éis na Cásca. Beidh an reifreann ann roimh dheireadh na bliana. Níl an dáta socruithe go fóill. Ní bheidh an reifreann seo ar siúl ina aonar. Beidh reifreann nó dhó eile ag dul leis. Níl sé sin socruithe ag an Rialtas ag an bpointe seo. Beidh neart ama ag gach éinne na hábhair seo a phlé agus na cásanna éagsúla a iniúchadh go géar.

Beidh an reifreann i ndiaidh an tsamhraidh

Yes. Tarlóidh sé i ndiaidh an tsamhraidh ach roimh dheireadh na bliana.

Ba mhaith liom dhá cheist ar reachtaíocht geallta a chur ar an Taoiseach. Tá suntas ar leith ag baint leis an mBille um leachtanna náisiúnta i gcomhthéacs an comóradh 100 bliain a tharlóidh sa bhliain 2016, go háirithe timpeall Sráid Uí Mhórdha. Cathain a fhoilseofar an reachtaíocht sin? Baineann an cheist atá agam i dtaobh cúrsaí tithíochta leis an gceist a bhí ag an Teachta Ó hUiginn. Tugaim faoi deara ón eolas a thug an tAire Stáit dom le déanaí go bhfuil a lán daoine i gContae Chill Dara á ndíbirt as a dtithe ag Comhairle Chontae Chill Dara. Tá athsheilbh á ghlacadh ag Comhairle Chontae Chill Dara ar níos mó tithe ná mar atá á dhéanamh ag aon chomhairle chontae eile sa tír. Conas mar a sheasann Bille na dtithe? An gclúdóidh sé an sórt rud atá ar siúl i gContae Chill Dara?

Is dóigh liom go mbeidh an reachtaíocht tithíochta foilsithe níos déanaí sa bhliain. Níor tháinig cinnlínte an Bhille roimh an Rialtas go dtí seo. Cuirfidh mé scéal chuig an Teachta i dtaobh cathain a bheidh sé ar chumas an Aire, an Teachta Deenihan, plean a fhoilsiú faoi Shráid Uí Mhórdha. Is tábhachtach an rud é seo. Bhíomar ag caint inné faoi thábhacht na sráide agus nithe eile a bhaineann le láithreacha eile i gcathar Bhaile Átha Cliath.

Important criminal legislation has been promised for a considerable time, namely, the bail Bill. It is regarded as a fundamental element in the fight against organised crime. When is it expected to lay the Bill before the House and has it been approved by the Cabinet?

Similarly, the criminal justice (proceeds of crime) Bill is an important element in the fight against crime. Have its heads been discussed and-or approved by the Cabinet and will the Bill be laid before the House?

These are two important Bills. The bail Bill has not come before the Government yet in terms of the heads being discussed. The situation in so far as the criminal justice (proceeds of crime) Bill is concerned is that those discussions with the Criminal Assets Bureau are still ongoing and it will not come before the Government until they are concluded.

I wish to ask the Taoiseach about two issues. The housing adaptation grants for people with disabilities, the mobility aids for housing grants and housing aid for older people were announced in recent days. Last year, County Kerry received €3.2 million. This year, we will receive €1.4 million, a reduction of more than 50%. Not only will this hurt people who are disabled, vulnerable or need assistance in their homes, but also it will have a knock-on effect for small builders who rely on such work to carry them over the summer months into the winter. Those builders will be robbed of that-----

On what legislation?

We do not discuss the details, though.

I just want the Taoiseach to comment on the matter. The Government is hurting two sectors of society by cutting the grants. Some €1.4 million this year after €3.2 million last year represents a significant cut.

The other promised legislation relates to young nurses. As the Taoiseach knows, the Minister for Health introduced his new programme, under which he wants new nurses to work for 80% of other nurses' pay. In other words, the days of same work for equal pay are gone under the Minister for Health. Recently, a sinister development has seen young nurses called into meetings and threatened that their contracts will not be renewed unless they are willing to accept the Minister's new scheme. This is wrong. I raise this matter under the welfare at work Bill.

Many other Deputies wish to contribute. I will ask the Taoiseach.

The welfare of people is being hurt.

In respect of the graduate nurses, the changes that have been made in recent discussions are because we want to lead to a position where young graduate nurses can have an assurance that it can lead on to full-time permanent nursing positions.

If Deputy Healy-Rae has information about a young nurse being threatened by somebody then I would like to have it because that is not the way business should be conducted. Everybody is entitled to courtesy and to have their case heard. Nobody is being threatened to accept anything in which the Minister for Health, Deputy Reilly, is involved.

On the question about the adaptability of housing for persons with a disability, the Minister of State with responsibility for housing, Deputy Jan O’Sullivan, who is sitting beside me, issued the details of the grants being expended and responded to a Topical Issue matter on the issue yesterday. The grants were awarded fairly but no more than anything else in the current economic circumstances there has been an overall reduction in the amount available for such capital grants. Deputy Healy-Rae’s county, no more than any other, received a fair allocation on a reduced basis from the Minister of State.

I wish to ask the Taoiseach about the commitment in the programme for Government on reliefs for low-income households for refuse collection charges. It was promised two years ago. I wish the Government another happy anniversary but it is two years on and next Monday the same low-income households will get letters about the property tax and they face water charges next year. I refer to widows, pensioners, the disabled and the blind. They all face the taxes and charges. People in Laois are paying refuse charges to private companies for the past 26 years. We are waiting that long for a waiver scheme.

We are discussing legislation.

The Government promised a waiver scheme when it came into office. I have raised the issue with the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste on several occasions. When will a waiver scheme commence? All households are under pressure but low-income households are in dire straits.

Go raibh maith agat. I ask the Taoiseach to respond.

I appeal to the Taoiseach to introduce a national waiver scheme for refuse collection for such households, including those in County Laois who are waiting for it for 26 years.

I take the Deputy’s point and I will come back to him with the details.

Sula labhraím faoi roinnt reachtaíochta atá fógraithe, ba mhaith liom aird an Taoisigh a tharraingt ar rud a luadh anuraidh. Nuair a bhíomar ag gearán nach mbíonn reachtaíocht foilsithe i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla ag an am céanna, dúirt an tAire, an Teachta Burton, go ndéanfadh an Rialtas smaoineamh ar na meamraim míniúcháin, ar a laghad, a fhoilsiú as Gaeilge ag an am céanna. Dá mbeadh an meamram, seachas an Bille, ar fáil trí mheán na Gaeilge, cabhródh sé le Teachtaí ar an taobh seo cur le díospóireachtaí i nGaeilge. Ba mhaith an rud é freisin na teidil a fhoilsiú as Gaeilge sa phlean reachtaíochta, ionas go mbeadh sé níos éasca dúinn ceisteanna a chur as Gaeilge.

Tá sé fógartha ag an Rialtas go bhfoilseofar an Bille um aitheantas inscne - the gender recognition Bill - i mbliana. Measaim go raibh sé i gceist ag an Aire, an Teachta Burton, an Bille a fhoilsiú roimh an Cháisc. An bhfuil sé sin fós le tarlú?

Tuigim gur fhógair Fine Gael agus Páirtí an Lucht Oibre le linn toghchán na bliana 2011 go ndéanfar reachtaíocht chun déileáil le achoimrí cíosanna a théann in airde amháin, nó upward-only rent reviews. Fuair Páirtí an Lucht Oibre comhairle ón Ard-Aighne gur féidir é seo a dhéanamh, ach fuair an Rialtas comhairle nár féidir é a dhéanamh toisc go mbeadh sé míbhunreachtúil. Is cosúil go mbeidh reafreann againn i mí Dheireadh Fómhair. An féidir déileáil leis an gceist seo, atá ag cur stop ar an Rialtas, ag an am céanna? An féidir an Bunreacht a athrú ionas go mbeidh an Rialtas in ann an reachtaíochta seo a thógáil isteach?

D'iarr mé cúpla seachtain ó shin cathain a bheidh an reachtaíocht os ár gcomhair atá ag teastáil chun ospidéal náisiúnta na leanaí nua a thógáil. An bhfuil aon dul chun cinn déanta sa chomhthéacs sin? Táimid ag tnúth le reachtaíocht chun bord nua - national paediatric hospital development board - a bhunú. Níl a fhios againn cén uair i mbliana a bheidh an reachtaíocht sin os ár gcomhair. Tá fógra curtha amach faoin ospidéal nua, ach níl an reachtaíocht ann faoi láthair chun bord a chur i gceannas ar an project.

Tá cúig nithe luaite ag an Teachta. Beidh tuarascáil le fáil faoin obair leanúnach atá ar siúl i dtaobh an ospidéil nua. Má chuireann an Teachta ceist ar an Aire, tabharfaidh sé freagra dó.

Tá Bille i dtaobh na leanaí ó na náisiúin nua foilsithe le fada. Ní dóigh liom go bhfuil sé oiriúnach don lá atá inniu ann. Táthar ag smaoineamh ar an mBille sin a athfhoilsiú agus leasú a chur leis. Cuirfidh mé scéal chuig an Teachta faoi sin fresin.

Níl sé i gceist go mbeidh reifreann ann faoi ardú riaracháin. Bhí sé luaite sa chlár Rialtais nach rabhamar in ann é sin a dhéanamh. Níl sé i gceist go mbeidh reifreann ann.

Tá obair ar chinnlínte an Bhille um aitheantas inscne ar siúl ag an bpointe seo. Níor tháinig siad chuig an Rialtas go fóill. Sílim go mbeidh an reachtaíocht foilsithe roimh dheireadh na bliana.

Níl a fhios agam céard go díreach a dúirt an tAire faoi na míniúcháin agus na teidil a fhoilsiú as Gaeilge ag an am céanna. Breathnóidh mé ar an méid atá ráite ag an Teachta.

Cuirfidh Mr. Justice Quirke redress scheme do na Magdalen laundries os comhair an Rialtais agus os comhair na Dála i gceann cúpla mí. Cén fáth nach bhfuil Summerhill ar liosta na hinstitiúidí atá á scrúdú ag Mr. Justice Quirke? Cén fáth nach bhfuil aon fhreagra faighte againn go fóill i dtaobh an Bethany Home?

B'iad na Magdalen laundries, go díreach, a bhí i gceist sa tuarascáil a scríobh an Dr. Máirtín Mac Giolla Íosa.

Tá Stanhope Street ar an liosta. Cén fáth nach bhfuil Summerhill?

Is é sin an rud a bhí i gceist agus is é sin an fáth go bhfuil an breitheamh ag díriú ar na fadhbanna atá luaite sa tuarascáil.

Cathain a bheidh an offshore gas storage Bill os comhair na Dála? Cad é an scéal leis an climate Bill?

Tháinig cinnlínte an dara Bille os comhair an Rialtais an tseachtain seo caite. Beidh an reachtaíocht pléite sa choiste agus níos déanaí sa Dáil. Beidh an Bille a bhaineann le cúrsaí gáis foilsithe roimh dheireadh na bliana. Tá obair ar an reachtaíocht sin ar siúl faoi láthair.