Control of Imports Orders—Motion of Approval.

I move:—

That Seanad Eireann hereby approves of: Control of Imports (Quotas Nos. 1 to 32) (Amendment) Order, 1939 (Amendment) Order, 1946, Control of Imports (Quotas Nos. 35 ond 36) (Amendment) Order, 1941 (Amendment) Order, 1946, Control of Imports (Quotas Nos. 37 to 42) (Amendment) Order, 1946.

This motion need not cause Senators any particular difficulty. Under the Finance Act, 1936, articles which were liable to duties of customs could be imported free of that duty if required in connection with a transatlantic air service. A similar provision was inserted into every Order made under the Control of Imports Acts imposing quantitative restrictions on imports. Under the Finance Act, 1946, that concession was extended to every international air service, as distinct from a transatlantic air service, and these amending Orders amend all the various quota Orders in a similar manner. It means that the exemption from restriction which formerly applied only to transatlantic air service applies now to all international air services.

Question put and agreed to.