Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Select Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine díospóireacht -
Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021

Business of Select Committee

We will commence our meeting. Deputy Mac Lochlainn is substituting for Deputy Carthy and Deputy Carey is substituting for Deputy Michael Ring. No apologies have been received. Before we begin, members now have the option of being physically present in the committee room or may join the meeting via MS Teams from their Leinster House offices. Members may not participate in the meeting from outside of the parliamentary precincts. However, it is important to note that in order to participate in a division in the committee, members must be physically present in the committee room. If joining on MS teams, please mute your microphone when not making a contribution and please use the raised hand function to indicate.

Members and all in attendance are asked to exercise personal responsibility in protecting themselves and others from the risk of contracting Covid-19. They are strongly advised to practice good hand hygiene and are asked not to move any chair from its current position. I urge all in attendance to maintain an appropriate level of social distance during and after the meeting. Masks, preferably of a medical grade, should be worn at all times during the meeting except when speaking and I ask for members full co-operation in this matter.

Members are reminded of the long-standing parliamentary practice to the effect that, where possible, they should not criticise nor make charges against any person, persons or entity by name or in such ways to make him, her or it identifiable. Today’s meeting is in two parts. From 12 noon until 2 p.m., we will resume Committee Stage consideration of the Sea-Fisheries (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2021. The meeting will then suspend and resume at 4 p.m. in committee room 2. If consideration of the Bill is not concluded by 2 p.m. we will continue in the afternoon session. Upon completion of the Bill we will consider a Supplementary Estimate for 2021.