Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Mayo Migrants.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state if the proposed migrants from the Jordan estate, County Mayo, will be migrated this spring; and, if not, why not.

Negotiations are in progress which may lead to the migration of some of the tenants from the Jordan estate but it is not yet possible to say what the final results may be.

If and when suitable migrants have been chosen, the Land Commission will consider whether they can be included in this year's migration programme or must await their turn later.

Would the Minister say if five migrants from this particular estate have been actually told they will be migrated?

I cannot say. Possibly inquiries have been made. The commissioners have decided to proceed with three resumption cases in the area. There is a question, then, whether it might not be better to wait until the spring of next year so as to have a better scheme in operation.

Would the Minister inquire further into this case? Apparently five migrants are under the impression that they will be migrated this spring. If that is not correct, at the very least they should be acquainted of that fact. Would the Minister look into it, as otherwise they may sustain a loss through not know ing where they stand for this spring?