Written Answers. - Free General Medical Service.


asked the Minister for Health if it is his intention to grant general medical service cards automatically to all those who are in receipt of both contributory and non-contributory old age pensions; and, if so, the arrangements.

All persons who are in receipt of contributory and non-contributory old age pensions from the Department of Social Welfare, together with their dependants, will be eligible for medical cards with effect from 1 July 1982. Persons who are in receipt of other social welfare pensions and allowances and who are aged 66 years or over will also be entitled to medical cards.

Any person who wishes to establish his or her eligibility should contact the local health board for the appropriate application form. The detailed arrangements for establishing eligibility are at present being worked out in association with health board officials.


(Limerick East) asked the Minister for Health if a person (details supplied) in Limerick is entitled to free hospitalisation and free medical treatment.

The question of determining a person's eligibility for free hospital services and free medical services generally is a matter for the health board. If the individual concerned contacts the local health board office an assessment will be made to determine her appropriate eligibility category.


asked the Minister for Health whether a person (details supplied) in Naul, County Dublin, has been awarded an allowance in respect of the fact that he is suffering from tuberculosis; and whether he has been awarded a general medical service card in view of his family circumstances.

I have made inquiries from the Eastern Health Board regarding the case referred to by the Deputy.

I am informed that the Board has not received an application for an infectious diseases maintenance allowance on this person's behalf, but I have arranged that an application form be forwarded to him immediately.

The person in question is eligible for a medical card. As soon as the doctor's acceptance form is completed, the card will be issued by the Eastern Health Board.