18 Meith 2019, 03.24

The Joint Committee on Health will examine the role of voluntary bodies in the delivery of health and social services, tomorrow, Wednesday 19 June in Committee Room 3, Leinster House at 9am.

Representatives from the following organisations are due to appear before the Committee:

  • The Independent Review Group, established to examine the role of voluntary organisations in publicly funded health and personal social services.
  • The National Federation of Voluntary Bodies.
  • The Rehab Group.
  • The Not for Profit Association.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Committee chair, Dr Michael Harty said, the Report of the Independent Review Group is an important contribution to the development of services provided by voluntary groups on behalf of the State.

Dr Harty said: “While the contribution of voluntary bodies is essential and is valued, those charged with leading these voluntary organisations will often have an uneasy relationship with the State operating through the HSE. Our examination, which will include testimony from some of those on the front line in the  delivery of services, will try to establish how the voluntary and State sector can work together to deliver a quality service to some of the most needy in our society, especially in the disability sector.

“If those who require services are to be given priority, the starting point must be mutual respect between the State and the voluntary sector.

We need proper metrics that put a value on what is being delivered and acknowledge that that value is not always matched by the contrition to costs made by the State. That will always be the case while there is unmet demand which is an ongoing feature of our health system.”

The meeting in Committee Room 3 can be viewed here.

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